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you will be dead by 2106

10 Jan 06

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hahaha, that is probably true :P
- gears
 — unknown

i guess can be interpreted humoruously? also one could see how young people dont conceive of death until much later. makes you wonder thought about your own mortality. does make fun of palm readers. lots to this
 — unknown

hahahahahahaha! nice one!
 — unknown

that was slightly creepy, i'm not going to lie.. hahahaha
 — nishra

I would prefer Crystal Ball as a title
 — unknown

this isn't a poem
 — unknown

Why isn't it a poem Unknown?
 — unknown

utterly stupid
 — unknown

Palm reader is better than crystal Ball.  This is a nice wee bit of fun.
 — unknown

 — unknown

Rocket science, it isn't.  Why is this a poem?
 — Isabelle5

I like it--terse, abrupt... got a little jolt/shock
 — ihsanjoint

hahahaha.. .
you couldn't be clever though? i'm sure you could be... trivialises the 'telling the future' gibberish... henh...

 — unknown

I had to do some maths - i was wondering how long I had left.
 — opal

 — chuckles

By 2106, I plan to have been gone and returned.  Have something good waiting for me to read, how about?
 — Isabelle5

The guests are leaving

The day blew in with the wind,  
exposing the world and all of it's sin...  
Need not  worry, said nature with a grin.  
When the genocide is over, the healing can begin.  
 — unknown

Nice quick bit of bleak, like it
 — GWH

 — unknown

thanks i was wonderin
 — unknown

you are why i still come back here. :)
 — mandolyn

i look forward to your return in 2106. :)
 — unknown

i'll be see through :)
 — mandolyn

I'll be in the Sea, through.
 — unknown

Smiling. Thanks.
 — spaye08

oh i hope so
before even
but palms are for slapping us around, not reading
 — mandolyn

hey, i commented on this a long time ago i see...

nice to see it bumped!
 — mandolyn

my eyes are being jerks tonight! i seriously thought this read 2016.
of course it's funnier now. i'm sure i read it right the first time i commented.
dang floaters!
 — mandolyn

 — unknown