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crow replies to the generic question

"How can you know I am unhappy?"
caws you are human
you are not happy free
flying cannot for man be nor
worms those french call vers of which
i eat and crop up regu
man can only wing a bird
not by flight but
only shot
so i have heard
have not felt that sting
am yet myself
and so flies crow
and swift and why
for just
and for plain caws
crow eschews
all punc
tuations except
crow pikes with beak

10 Jan 06

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lol. i love this
 — johntaiyu

wonderful poem, Skynet. So much cleverness. Nimble, light, just that right bite of taunting. Bilingually cunning. Your line breaks are such a tease.

 — borntodance

crow replies 2 poet question, be?
 — unknown

Really funny.
 — unknown

you call that an insult? dont quit your day job mr. social worker.
 — TheO1dCrow

Oh don't be silly, New Orleans boy. This poem was born before you entered Netsky's world.
 — borntodance

oh thats what he was getting at with the young crow. still...what the hell is he trying to say?
 — TheO1dCrow

 — unknown