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Property Boom

Satin coated,decomposing form, gumless grin.
Silk ripple in dull doldrummed wearily whining wind.
More ethereal forms announced, flouncing through
barred, bolted, rust studded door
"Nice to see you my dear." said cryptically from
beneath the floor.
Gangrene limbs rose shakily to strike a pose.
Feline sockets stare sightless from shrinking skull.
Light as air on her feet she will dance to a heartbeat
with Count Holstein, who died from an overdose of bile,
he kept in a phial, while on trial for sexual misdemeaners.
Rotting to his core but can still put on the style.
More guests arrive, some gravely ill, barely alive,
to be fortified. Earl of Abdomen hobbles, such a
grand old cove, by jove, barely cobbled together:
he smiles through stabbing hernia,piles,ruptured spleen.
Death has not removed the pain of obscene decay.
Maggotty meat, pestulant potatoes, luminous greens.
Deeply freezing grey jelly, cankerous cream are not
to be trifled with. Corked septic wine,methalated Martini,
dry as dust chilled in ice cold hands. "The lives we live, to die
and rise then live again.'' Plague encrusted arms extend to toast
The Countess Morticia in whose dank infested cellars.........
The door swung open, light streamed across moss encrusted
walls. "Thanks for returning my call. Asking price, four million
pounds,spacious grounds. Forty rooms, ideal for entertaining
or a luxery hotel once roofs sealed. Many unusual features, feel
its history, easy access to the coast,No ghosts. My little joke.
A strong gust surged rattling shutters, sending guttersnipe
urgently squawking  among desolate trees, rats scuttling
down sewer pipes,whispering voices vanish through veils
of ancient air. ''There! I think you've seen it all." Footfalls
fade down gravel drive, agent sighs, mutters, sat on knight
recumbant , eats packed lunch, cucumber sandwich,
"Five more coming this afternoon, first due at one,
by three we should be done, thank God for the property boom.
Studded door slams shut,lid of sarcophagus rises:
life is full of unpleasant surprises.

5 Feb 06

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always wook on the bwight side of wife

efoo efoo
efoo efoo efoo

 — unknown

Dear Woger

though i wholeheartedly agree with your sentiments,it isn't always easy.

 — unknown

dear warry

you are qwite wite

ahoo ahoo

ahoo ahoo ahoo

 — unknown

Wanks Woger

Wot Would we woo without woo

Warry Wark
 — unknown