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Winter Break

Each day he swayed,
on the corner by the road,
staring intently-Cheap Flights
To Spain- plastered on the billboard.
Flapping his arms as if imitating
the plane he wished would
take him away while keeping warm.
Later workmen came,
tore down the hoarding,
his once hidden shelter pulled apart.
He took flight beneath vapour trails
of jets, searching for settlement
behind tundra coated hedgerows
for his place in the sun,
aviating among the cloudy smoke
of his own shallow breathing.

9 Feb 06

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i will save you

i have landing gear

and a big pap smear
 — unknown

I'm ready and waiting but give me time to change intomy Hawiian shirt behind this Pepsi Cola advert
 — larrylark

my o my

ok big guy

I'm waitin

My name is Tom


tom cruz that is

i'm a tom boy

with a massive mound


and found


will you be my zuchini?

i will bikini for you

in addidas

oh right your british.

lets take the hover craft to callais shall we?

then i'll strap you onto my harley

don't forget your grass skirt

with big stick

oh and i almost forgot -- bring bukowsky in a bottle


Paloma Porridge
 — unknown

Dear Paloma

Gosh! I'm ever so excited .Shall i go and pack now or should i go out and buy a whole new wardrobe,or even a chest of drawers.

Larry mahogony Head Lark
 — unknown

Good tight poem Larry and lots of imagery
 — Mercedes

Thanks for replying,it is always appreciated.

 — unknown

so this is where you hide when the beeb isn't working Max or is it Larry or is it somebody else entirely ;0)
 — unknown

Dear Unknown

In the words of the immortal song-"If you don't know me by now,you know you'll never know me at all." and i don't hide i just take little holidays

Larry Packaged Lark
 — unknown

i found this tight as well. in both senses of the word.
 — listen