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Not Be Found

He swerved  into a parking ditch road,
no swishing tyres or plugs misfired,
or grinding gears assault his ears,
no neat reverse or sidestep mode.
His wheels spun round in undergrowth,
petrol dripped on nightshade's lip,
while deep inside a dark ravine
his vehicle slipped through scenery,
sleeping deep below.
Soil pressed hard on window's sheen,
centipede stole  beneath.
Ants that marched, worms that turned,
alarmed that the trickle of their mighty stream,
had dammed behind its gaping boot,
spanner fell on a road map book.
How can a person not be found,
when a search has covered every inch of ground?

12 Feb 06

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What is a parking ditch, I've never heard of one before. This is a real mystery. I really want to know what the facts are amongst the allusions.
 — unknown

Dear Unknown

what the hell you asking me for ,i don't have a clue.You just expect me to know everthing ,well i can jolly well tell you i'm totally clueless

Larry double yellow lines Lark
 — unknown

Okay then. Thank you I suppose.
 — unknown

Good.  Good, good, good..  Reading this, a sense of desperation resonates with me.  Liked it :)
 — CervusWright

Dera Unknown

I was only joking. Of course i will consider what you said,then i'll ditch it in a parking lot.

Larry hairy undergrowth Lark
 — unknown

Dear Cervus

I am in a permanant state of desperation.

 — unknown

i'll admit the point seems not to be found, but interesting format and poem, and images.
 — listen

Dear Listen

I think you have a good point in thata lot of poems seem to lack point and focus.There is a fine line between spelling things out and leaving space for the reader to draw there own or speculate on what they are presented.
 — Leanan

no there isn't, you just made that up.
 — unknown

Dear Unknown

I must at this point interject and inform you that my son has decided to comment on one of my poems.I don't understand what he said either .

Larry confused Lark
 — larrylark

why is every random a Larry Lark pome?
 — unknown

Because i am the secret controller of the board and i make it happen through the sheer force of my will

Larry board master and also available for tiddley winks tournaments Lark
 — larrylark