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My Dad

Where on earth is my father?
I see him everywhere.
Soon he'll be up in heaven,
soon I will not care.
He'll sit here in the morning
while I break my daily bread,
and barring any accidents
he'll sleep inside my head.
One day I will bury him
bells will ring out loud,
I'll dig him up each Sunday
make sure he's gone to ground.

16 Feb 06

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This is a bit cruel, but also really funny. I like it!
 — unknown

You and your Dad should talk right away!
 — Isabelle5

harsh, on an emotional level...
realistic, though.
on a poetic level--I'd suggest NOT starting line 11 with "but"... To me, "but" is not a strong enough word to start its own line.
 — aforbing

Thanks aforbing for you for your advice
 — larrylark

Dear Unknown

I like cruel and funny and I also Like Lying .I love my Dad but also have a fictitious Dad who is nothing like mt real Dad,but then again what is reality but mere illusion

Larry Familiar Fathers Lark
 — larrylark

Dear Isabelle

Which Dad do you think i should talk to Real Dad or the made up dad inside my head.

Larry my old men Lark
 — unknown

1. Dad real 2. Imaginary Dad 3. Christ/God/Abrahamic Dad Vinconian thunderclaps bang bang bang  
 — uncjaf