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an old friend scooped one into her mouth
as mermaids i guess do
for protection
and told me her sister
gave birth to a dolphin boy
in answer to my only question she said no

23 Feb 06

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My question would have been "is he for sale?"
 — john_daker

may i?

intriguing. hmm.
 — bettalpha

 — unknown

beauty, hank.
 — unknown

was your question...did she fuck the dolphin?
 — unknown

Ask again. Mermaids are notoriously coy.
I love your poem.

 — borntodance

L2 as i guess mermaids do
 — inutile

i like mine better. better stresses. better cadence. more jumpy. yours is flat.
 — hank

meh. some things are better flat.
 — inutile

"better stresses. better cadence. more jumpy"


it just sounds like you can't speak english properly.
 — unknown

i'm not speaking it, i'm writing it. i'm sure joyce spoke like he wrote, or anybody for that matter.
 — hank

 — JustineCH