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they took for granted...

No one knew the reason or what
or the how or the when and why-not.
Children women men took for granted
the day would behave like any other
until a drone
a low-flight bird
buzzed over the lazy the young and the old
mothers suckling babes at their breasts
assaulted by ear from above Central Park
to due south where I dashed down subway stairs
with a running duck controlling a
computer-guided flying device
of disproportionate destructive power.
What it is
grimmaced Grandmother Klein
is a terror worse than 7/11
run out of milk and ice. And eggs
froze fast in fallopian tubes
of women half semened by men they laid
as mimes in the park
climbed walls of glass
which shattered just as
the payload commanded
the women the men all sucklings dear
to bow to the extremely great
knock-down power
of an extortionate telly poem
hangared here to remind
that if lofted aloud
all who hear it must die.

27 Feb 06

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"7/11" is the the brand name of a chain of USA convenience shops.
 — netskyIam

 — unknown

thanks for that idea.  
revised, made more grandly,
deliberately,  awful--lol!
 — netskyIam

Terrorpoem's flaps readjusted for less level flight
 — netskyIam

retitled, retouched by removing commas
welcoming all ideas for making this as fatal as possible.  rate it?  thanks,

 — netskyIam

Reid, you have succeeded admirably here, without doubt the worse poem i have ever seen of yours, i could say a possible contender for the worse poem of all time...nah can't be that good
don't divine for help, just wind this airless ship into the nearest flat top

ladies and gentleman, this is the captain  speaking, we are experiencing engine troubles and will soon crash, i suggest you assume the position, if you look out the starboard windows you will see a number of parachutes opening, that be the flight crew
thank you for flying with us.......this is a recording
 — wantsaname