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Mac's ashtray

Mac McCreedy smoked briar pipes
and the occasional mild cigar.
His foster grandson thought to create
a new kind of cigar ashtray for Mac.
In the second grade, on Pottery Day
the kids each received a lump of clay.
The boy formed a bowl and notched the edging.
He formed a clay thimble, set in the bowl's middle,
to snuff Mac's cigars by twisting or wedging.
A glossy brown glaze with dragon's blood highlights
the child's first invention, ceramic, age seven.

28 Feb 06

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oh man, i like this.

i just don't understand the (many)  ?
 — dannny

I'll remove that "many" parenthetical.  It was meant to indicate the cliche "all thumbs" without cliche.  But it's a distraction.

Hey, thank you!

I'll make some other small changes to the poem too: periods and such.
 — netskyIam

i like this. nice.
 — listen