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Ghostly Jeerings

Abe's a mary in a booth
Waiting for Derringer's truth
Mary Todd with Abe no more
She's gone quite mad
And now no more
Edwin Booth, good blood of John,
Redeem my name and carry on...
You ac-tor-states-man-play-right-po-et
Shut up 'for head shats grey
Splat-ters ma-ter pa-ter mat-ters
Gory Ed. ward
...as King Lear.

7 Mar 06

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 — borntodance

yup. how'd you guess? (grin)
 — netskyIam

explain everything, please.
 — Meep

71 poems nets - impressive :0)
 — unknown

Sounds eerily like...I can't guess.  Clever and insane; good mix in this case.
 — Isabelle5

Yeah, what Isabelle said.
 — Kauf

i love your poem. i love edward gorey. i love edward lear.

i haven't used the term mary for so long. i had a friend who called her son mary.

have to look up edwin booth?

beautiful. playful. only netsky.
 — bettalpha

thanks for inputs.  Of all poets, very few--- none, nearly, have noticed Edward Lear's name.  Yes, I had hiim in mind too.   Also, primarily, King Lear, the -blind- and impotent tragic character of Shakespeare.  Booth played him.  Lincoln's "spirit"(?) harks Booth to redeem the "lost".    But Booth has very little power.  Booth saved Tad Lincoln from a vehicular accident.  But to save a reputation?  Not likely.  Not as -that- character: King Lear.

very sweet words of encouragement form you guys.   Helps stoke my pot boilers.   thanks so much,  Reid
 — netskyIam

Pelican's going to get you. Pelican's going to get you. Pelican's going to get you tonight.
 — unknown