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garlic steamed wild broccoli
wrapped by thin sliced seasalt
cured spanish ham con peppered
salmon see life can be so simple
if you let it be enjoyed new
like it was made to be for me
by you
and reminded me of that raw
scallop i ate covered in ocean
straight from fluted venus shell

15 Mar 06

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Awesome!  Now THIS appeals to me.  I'd very much like to eat your work, if I may :)
 — CervusWright

to quote a friend- soup is good food.
 — hank

Food is sex and sex is food...discuss
 — Macbear73

beautiful detail - savorous
interesting line breaks
i like your poem
 — bettalpha

succling succatash.
 — hank

sufferin succatash sylvester
more cartoon poems
are needed

succatash [big word love]
even the food.
 — bettalpha

now i'm hungry.
nice poem hank.
lines 4-7 are amazing.

 — unknown

 — WordsAndMe

ew seafood
 — Meep

i know for sure there is a speeling mistake in here somedewheres

just gotta put my wittle clit on it

 — unknown

MMMM Have you ever tried roast whale or lantern fish soup,really good to get the juices flowing but stay near a toilet
 — larrylark

roast whale would feed a village, no?
 — hank

how bout vennisson with morels?

i escudo on you!

 — unknown

Not to quote a friend, ew sea-food!!
 — unknown

 — Empty

Is it really? I hate cooked broccoli, will aparagus work?
 — unknown