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Voyage Of The Sea Merchant

Tar drips down through splintered timbers  
as he nimbly  plots routes around the Azores.
Carefully makes his model maps in limbo,
charting every straying footfall while he prays,
where cement and machéed mountains
spread over forests' undiscovered creatures.
Cabin gently sways in Saltwick Bay.
Lamprey and hagfish swimming in glass cases,
Tackle twines through breathless gills and stiffened fins.
Observing charts whose pins plot nameless courses,
Oceans where daylight stops and endless night begins.
"We will leave at dawn for six months passage,
The half-deposit lies in a merchant bank,
Acorès, Madeira, then Fernando del Noronha
to place fresh water in the tanks".
"As a kindness to myself, I'll cover favors"
His long-faced daughter idly turned the quill,
"I'll fill the shelves with necessary purchase -
Indigo plumed birds and pickled ginger,
Cloth of gold, brocade and oil of dill."
Outside the mast stood firm among the rigging
against a clear sky, flat and unforgiving.
Far beyond the known world's outer edges
stretch caravanserai and winding camel trains
across the vast and empty plains, stretching
from Jidah to the walls of Dar-Es- Salaam.

17 Mar 06

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Ahoy, maties! salty. nice codfish poem
 — unknown

Dear Codpiece,

Why did your messaage come through to me in such a shrill get me out of the water tone-maybe you need to abandon your underwear and swim freely round your bath tub

Larry I see a lighthouse Lark
 — unknown

Stanza 4 is a beautiful bit of writing and there's a lot going on about male/female roles, widening horizons, and the choice of names and nouns is quite stunning - excellent,

a well wisher
 — unknown

absolutely seaworthy. The descriptions carry the reader to a distant shore. "Long-faced daughter" brought a smile to my long face. Are you a sailor at heart?
Gorgeous poem and thank you for the voyage.

 — borntodance

Dear Well Wisher

Your comments have lightened up my evenind as i follow the mournful beam of the lighthouse waiting for my ship to come in but it never does.

Larry shiver me timbers Lark
 — larrylark

Dear borntodance

Thanks for your lovely reply.Actually the nearest i ever came to sailing was pushing toy boats out on the local duck pond then blowing them up with my Uncle Ernie's machine gun. My father was a naval man for many years and my mother,his wife,used to say he'd pulled enough fluff out in his lifetime to make 342 pairs of thermal underpants.

Fond regards

Rear Admiral Sir Larry Lark
 — larrylark