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Feeling Mad All Over

Are you lonely,full of balony,
your favourite toy is My Little Pony.
Is your middle name Boris, Horace or Maurice,
do you never nod and smile at dear old Auntie Doris.
Do books by Freud make you totally annoyed,
when you can't tie your dickie,does the missus take the micky.
You hate wet tongued smackers,have boils on your knackers
Eat bone dry cream crackers while shakin' your marracas.
Is your hernia belt so tight that it keeps you up at night,
while texting elves and sprites,or phoning up a gnome.
Scared of the wife, cus she's got herself a life,
prance round the gazebo pretending you are Nero.
Shoot rooks and crows to bury in the lawn,
won't have a bath since the day you watched Jaws.
Like dressing up in ribbons and bows,
manicure your toes, have a shed that explodes,
a talking toad that you take out for a walk.
Can you fart in tune to the theme tune  from the news.
Then your totally bonkers and should be certified.

19 Mar 06

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great.. rhyming can and should be fun.
 — gingerdave

Dera Gingerdave

thanks for the comment and i agree ,poetry is not for hitting people over the head with all of the time.
 — unknown

Sorry Dave,that was me LarryLark

Larry Lark
 — unknown

Cheered my day up again Larry . Thank you .
 — sir_I_clan

Dear Sir I can,

Glad i could be of help,thanks for your appreciation

Larry madcap Lark
 — larrylark

L19 you're

won't say anything else.
 — inutile

Dear Inutile

Just read an almost total destruction of Asylum Dancers LOL. After that my friend your comment is  a breeze.
 — larrylark


thank you

its good to laugh once again!!!
 — unknown

Dear Unknown

I'll try and hit you with my tickle stick again some time in the near future.

Larry tears of a clown Lark
 — unknown

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