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Teen Lovers

When you were dead, I was left,
picking up pieces from
a perfumed  bed,
pressing my head deep
into silky sheets  scattered
with blood red roses.
Alone even before you went,
bent out of shape,
the world seemed Plague filled,
taunting with flawed  promise,
then denial. I slowly started
to understand the messages
of your frozen smile
beyond an opaque window
pane. Warm mists of breath
leaving trails,evaporating.
Moving finger scribed
in your unmistakable
backward sloping hand.
"Come ,come, come and join."
demanded winds whispering
in eaves. Voices of  annointing
breeze. "It is not death
but taking leave. There are
unimagined ways beyond
this mortal door, bathed in
translucent light, past the far
edge of dark nights deepest
decore, are calm waters
and a golden shore."
Found her, far end
of a silver lake,
her chilling eyes seemed
somehow distant,
a phantom gliding.
What trickery of fate,
I knew too late my time
was coming  to an end.
Played for loves
redemption and lost,
double crossed,
Muse, spirit, out of tune,
out of time, hung out to dry
tossed into hell's kitchen,
now i know the truth,
You only live twice
and then you die.

25 Mar 06

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this didn't feel so emo to me.
 — unknown

thats probably cus you aint got no emo's in your body.Go and buy some emo pills at Teen Dream Dotty Com and give yourself  a blast.

Larry mean and teen Lark
 — unknown

Thats really good. U have some serious talent!
 — unknown

that's cruel pelican pube
 — flaminhot

Dear Flamin' hot

trouble with Peican is he's so far up that place of darkness where only toilet paper or if he or she is moderne,warm scented water cascades among  piles and bile that he doesn't even see a parody sniffing under his nose.

LarryIdiotsville Lark
 — larrylark