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do not separate the head
let the head be embedded
letting the head be embedded
tends to express intimacy
there are no important details
to hit the floor
what is important is only
what is left behind

30 Mar 06

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If this has a sexual conotation, then I love it.  If not, then I'm confused.  Either way, could be written a bit better - revise and repost?
 — WordsAndMe

intimacy can be
or even scary
for some
but mostly it is
fear that taints
the embedded
head to explode
and over-
compensate for
pasts and the
future by
closing the door

nice poem hank.

 — unknown

nice poem varun. feel like i may know you.
 — hank

may is a month away.

thanks hank.
 — unknown

good poem. interesting.
 — listen

http: //www.priceless420.com/Pr042406notetoself.jpg
 — unknown