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"taught in schools"

please pardon the nasty words-
both were  necessary here
-Tanks to wantsaname for the great finish-

Taught in schools
before we spawned
we learned as roe
of carnal charms.
  As fish are fools
and nature rules
and dicks are tools
and cunts are holes
and men are moles
and babies boles
in    trunks of  would
we  could and  did
      Go fiSH !

1 Apr 06

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Why do you keep re-posting this crap?  It's incredibly superficial and reads like it belongs on a bathroom wall.  Get over yourself, Netsky.
 — unknown

interesting. flows well. i think i might like it, especially the first stanza.
 — livella

this is really interesting,
but why is there Go Fish in the end??
 — unknown

it's a card game played by kids, for one thing (maybe that's not remembered any more, and maybe it was only in the usa?)  

the likening is to "fish" as we are all programmed about as simply as are real fish.  
only our brains are capable of a lot of other, higher thoughts.  
at basis, though: we are poor fish-
and must follow the biological imperatives.
 — netskyIam

the o1d crow is a 17 year old poetry commentary vandal
(just so you all know why he posts unknown lately)
I hope all can ignore slanders which will be further slapped on these poems.
give credit to the kid: he's persistently naughty.
 — netskyIam

If I were to rate this nonsense, I would give it a 4 tops. You are the site's April Fool. Collect a few shreds of dignity before you totally discredit yourself.
 — unknown

You're not critcizing the poem, but only attacking the poor-fish author
in the usual, irresponsible way.   I don't mind, myself,

but the rise you give
to every one of my poems that -you vandalize- takes attention and visibilty
away from the other poets,

who do not deserve this hassle of getting their
poems sidetracked by PC vandal's activities.  

This is the last time I'll address the issue

Keep the personal attacks on the message board , please.  Thank you.
 — netskyIam

absolute shite
 — flaminhot

 — kimado

Taught in schools  2
before we spawned  3
we learned as roe  4
of carnal charms.  5
As fish are fools  6
and nature rules  7
and dicks are tools  8
and cunts are holes  9
and men are moles  10
and babies boles  11

In trunks of would  12
we could and did  13
    Go fiSH ! 14

just my take on it
 — wantsaname

wantsaname:  your idea rules!  very cool.  adopted!  thanks!
 — netskyIam

Oh, yah, wantsaname made the crappy ending into a fine, perfect fin.

It had been plain "Go Fish" spaced down one line.  
wantsaname, I owe ya!  Box of seegars?  New car?  
You're the star of this poem commentary from here on out.  
 — netskyIam

stupid poem, moronic, in fact
 — unknown

thanks for all your helps
 — netskyIam

I like it.

I like you too, Netsky.

This is me, not being mean.

 — povertea