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orange balloon has cut off some air
from the rest of the room
memories awake us from dreams
and balloon moves its own way
while i am away seemingly
and like memories balloon
stalks me from each new settlement
even when i surprise it

13 Apr 06

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http://poetry.tetto.o rg/read/25980/

I like balloooons.

and a balloon.

your balloon is frightening, however, which I don't like.
 — unknown

oh, youre right#
 — hank

i like your poem.
i will send you something about a blue balloon
i didn't write but it but i think you'll like it. maybe not.
need to dig it out from the pileofbooksonthelanding first.
 — bettalpha

line 3 is stunning
 — syzygy

how goes it hank?
nice poem.

 — syzygy

a decent half awake poem.
 — hank

Pretty great, I like how the words individually sound too cliché or too modernized but together they're perfect. Good writing.
 — radiogirl

 — hank