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Dangerous Toy Poem

Recalling 1970
when we delinquents sported
pairs of brittle balls on strings
Huh? Say what?
This is the why
we all lived for Clackers®
and the raucous, rhythmic knocks
our duking skills engendered:
Clack Clack, Clack Clack
ClackClack, ClackedyClack
A Clacker® ball of polyester
resin popped and split
my eye and Tommy Jones'
jugular—got nicked.
He'd nearly tied the record of
a nostril cut half off
another broken record champ
who'd won three quartered ears;
not to mention hairline fractures
and some ancillary scalpings.
Oh, those Clackers® in recall
soon increased in street value,
because the final sets had sold.
Then all we had were chippers:
flint-eyed rocks on ropes—
no fight left in the clockers,
not even knocking rights.
Sad, the wind down of our boxers
—though it had been quite an era.
Too bad
the peerage points won in our matches
didn't compensate the laughter
so many surgeons snapped off when
they had us all in stitches.

16 Apr 06

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 — unknown

here we see an example of a faked signature.
A real, signed commentary would have the poster's name in italic.

It is not so clever after all.  
Pranks and 1's are on the way again.
When I grow weary of the poots,
I'll erase your comments and reinstall the poem with
any -real- commentaries intact.  

Real poets are welcome for other reasons: for perspectives and helps
that never come from liddle lice heads.

 — netskyIam

those things r deadly sos your poem.
 — unknown

yea i agreee lol good one
 — unknown

tweaked it a little more.  
this toy was on the market for about one year (1970).
we beat the shit out of each other with Clackers.
 — netskyIam

Is that site part of the poem? That makes absolutely no sense.. If so it completely enhances the poem! I enjoyed it! What a great read! When can we expect a poetry book from Mr. Reid?
 — MrTom

Thank you Mr.Tom.  I've adjusted the poem a bit.  The link shows the original Clackers.
These things were very popular around 1971.  We had a blast with 'em
BTW:  you are the first person to call me "Mr. Reid" since Tiny Tim was living and called me "Mr. Reid".  I like that.  That's cute.  He was a very nice person: our Mr. Tim.
 — netskyIam