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Yellow Yellow Bride

Big Mister
distributes greetings,
large white balloons with black letters hovering.
watching intently his redshoes for
nobody trips
or scuffs
Look. There you go.
as pretty and quickly
as a fine-fine fox on wheels
reaching, gasping,
grasping for your lost air and
falling dried yellow hair.
extending an arm into the sky
with that delicate white hand blooming,
a right-side bicep-tricep duo lengthening
for the Blue Overhead;
I and my bowtie follow.
we shout balloons at you, fucker!!
my bowtie spinning, my neck bent backwards.
it seems you are bleeding a wet red,
drip-dripping into my bright wide eyes----just
wait for the honeymoon, honey.
smeared white cake to your upper lip,
a charlatan beard. dripping nod, fevered.
   you continue rising
too quick for gravity, you shout shout shout
something i can't hear. your eyes bulging shrieking your neck bursts open, bleeding
bone-armed and barely there.
God must be pulling you upward,
lovingly away .
your fingers laced,
your face resolved.
your white long dress is
still touching the earth.
i miss you, sugar.

16 Apr 06

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...i have no idea what this means. i am probably just being slow though. but i really like the images and feelings i get from reading this. wow.
 — ruyi

The sniping on the board is discouraging me from commenting more fully, but I will! This is something Else. It makes my head spin and my feet tap dance on yellow pillows.

admiringly, grace
 — borntodance




 — noodleman

i would not change a word except bust to burst and kill verbal

its fine-omantic!
 — noodleman


 — OKcomputer

Gorgeous! Absolutely amazing. My only critique is to relieve some of the intense obscurity of lines 19-21. I'm favoriting this.
 — FangzOfFire

i wuv you too mova fuka
 — unknown

Thank you fangz and borntodance and erbody springfever'd for a fcuk! <3
 — OKcomputer

and yes i agree about the obscurity, i fix that, yes! later, its morning
 — OKcomputer

i'm mourning your missed apostrophe
 — unknown

wow, this is really cool, although my interpretation of is probably nothing close to what you're describing...i just like the images, and the ending is great, i really like it.
 — jenakajoffer

This really does stagger me. Lines 20-22 sent me into a tailspin. This poem alone could turn a whole generation on to poetry. I wish it could be read in schools; that I do. You're startling.
 — borntodance

fuggin bunbooleveabul!
 — onklcrispy

Sounds a lot like Gerard Manley Hopkins in a corvette.  I like the driving rhythm!

 — unknown

all lines are great. really good poem.
 — listen

Yay, you fixed it!
Your use of the word "fucker" makes me happy.
 — FangzOfFire

Exactly what I love in a poem.  It's so breezy it's like I'm not even doing any of the work, like it's reading itself to me.  So so natural.  Love it.

Also, I normally hate the use of curses in poetry, but damned if you don't do it well.
 — JackDeath

I've changed this.
 — OKcomputer

THANK YOU JACK! I didn't even notice your comment there. It's a good comment.
 — OKcomputer

sorry but this really is bollovks.
 — Meep

Stop meep, you're being a mean bitch :-(
 — OKcomputer

OK computer you wuss! It's only meep. What happened to your infamous grrrrrr-it?
 — unknown

Mean mean mean!! :'(

:-( Can I HAVE FIUCKING A DONUT I THINK I;M HUNGRYU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NO! I WON'T CHANGE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!MDDDDDD MD MD MD MD


 — OKcomputer

lol, seriously, you had some really nice poems.  WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH THEM!!!
you're breaking my heart!  BRING BACK THE GOOD POEMS!!!!
 — Meep

Oh you mean the poetry I wrote with a lesser brain.
 — OKcomputer

bad poem.
 — Imperfect

good poem.
 — OKcomputer

i've read this before, must be deja vu
 — unknown

This poem is absolute sex.

The narrative becomes unhinged from the image, and the image takes over in the penultimate stanza.  I can't even describe how much I enjoy this.

I'm serious.  Fucking sex.  I wish I could break the drive of the narrative voice like this.  Wish.

Fantastic work.
 — Wordswain

The same poem keeps reoccurring in here, i'm sure i've read this before.
 — unknown

gobsmackingly wonderful -- a standout.
It spills a heartbreaking choreography

chasing a yellow balloon bride who is
bleeding out


This is bewitching stuff.
 — banditfemme

recurring yellow and sarcasm  I THINK.  I am still amused due to the enthusiasm even as sarcasm.
 — unknown

urine soaked poem
 — poetbill

thank you for you kind words on my poetry. this by far is my favourite of yours.
 — raskolniikov