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Why I Dress Like a Man

I hate girls
That’s how I know I’m not gay
because I hate gay girls too
I tell my self that I am never going to marry something
that lines up its insanity with mine
in a sick dance of hormones and blood
I hate girls clothing
it is so cute, it's ugly
makes me want to puke
and do everything I can
to identify as a man
I’ve collected 3 ‘sir’s so far
I hate gossip
Who doesn’t?
Every one makes fun of it,
hoping the perpetrators will get the message
and think for a change
I think, a smart girl is still smart no matter what she wears.
I hate boys
Their stupid eyes, thinking that they can conquer what they can see
little do they know that I look away
not because I’m weak,
but because I’m hiding my murderous intent
I dress like a man
because I want to be free
of the cages society made
for me

27 Apr 06

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i don't know if a poem is the right form for this. i would like to hear it spoken by the author. or maybe the text for a photo story. something. it's not bad though -- it's hard to do anything "fresh" with this subject.
 — britta

The last stanza of your poem is the very reason many lesbians dress like men. Hmmm
 — unknown

This is defensive whilst proposing itself not to be. So - No.
 — weed

was hating it until line 24 - from there, this = love.
 — WordsAndMe

I don't know why, but I feel that it is weak. No offence. I like the poem, but it is lacking something. THe last stanza is beautiful though. OKBYEFORNOW
 — tearsofblood

Is the "its" in line 8 supposed to be "it's"?

A strong sense of alienation and knowledge of self comes through in this poem.
 — polarpaul

It's not well written from a format angle.  I can hear it in my head but it's not coming onto the page, probably, the way you want it to.

Hey, men have their own cages.  Ever think about silk ties???  If that isn't a cage...
 — Isabelle5

Though I think if we do
silk ties vs. stilettos...

The better choice is obvious...
 — phyridean

Not if you love wearing stilletos.  I would not want a penis, that's all I know.  It looks like hard work to be a good man.  And even harder for a woman to be a good man!  haha
 — Isabelle5

For me, the contradictions and befuddled  digressions are adorable. I love this poem. It's totally unpredictable. capricious.  I would lose the inevitable Upper Case on each margin left, keeping only those that should be upper cased. Also, line 8: it's ugly. (') Great poem, Sir. ( Now you have 4...... sirs) + a 9
 — borntodance

weed: And I wasn’t trying to pretend like I wasn’t being defensive... In my mind, hate is all a reaction to society, in other words a defensive reaction. So, yes, I am being defensive, but perhaps subtly so?

Isabelle: Yes, men are in cages, I just haven't analyzed them long enough to write a poem about it. I would love to read one, it would be so informative, I think.

All: Thanks to all for your reactions and suggestions for the poem. I don't want to sound cheesy or anything, but I really liked what everyone said. They were all reactions I was hoping to communicate... so, thanks again.
(page timed out, i hope this dosn't show up twice)
 — katt

Read mine.  My cages nearly inspire me to death.
 — boothben

Love this one. It really cries out in the name of identity in a stereotyped world. I hate being a man so every morning I shave off my bushy beard and pubic hair, put on my mermaid suit and go and sit on the rocks in the middle of the ornamental boating pool in our local park shooting little boys with my pea shooter and shouting "Come and get me if you think your hard enough.

Larry eating kippers Lark
 — larrylark

After reading your poem "Wish" I was curious about your other writing, as Wish resonated deeply for me.  I am very non-girly too, and of late, have been pondering they why's of it.  Parts of this poem are almost word for word thoughts that have crossed my mind.  I will be back to read more.  While this falls a bit left of the expectations of poetry (which I suspect you don't mind at all), it sits right with me, which makes it poetic.
 — sybarite

every line was like chopping a piece of cake.  im not sure that makes any sense but just the tick of a knife on a cutting board sorta feel. and fuck yes, by the way i wholeheartedly agree.  one day i woke up and cut off all my hair, covered up my body, ate a decent meal and realized i was sick of pleasing men.
good write, i love how it feels and i love how it speaks.
 — Rss233

fantastic poem food for thought on gender issues
 — Rossant

its essential to eye up females. Its breed scoring
 — unknown