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Log And True Account Of The Voyage Of Orion (1783)

Twentieth day of our accord.Praise be the lord
for keeping us bouyed on this the fourth of May morning .
Late last night when weighing lead shot into loaded musket powders,
the ropes frayed, then tore,lurching us among a foaming swell.
At the heart of the crows nest, luxuriant petted rooks strut before the sail.
They lay down locusts, plucked from the flesh of humpback whales.
In the absense of leaves and branches,they snatch spar splints between serried beaks,
Each one blanching dry, as crumbling timber leaked into the days unfolding heat.
Through gathering Spring near small islands the anchor chain slacked.
A miracle of the tropics flowered ,blossoming on the Captains tac.
Severely hampered at our mooring, by native spears,
we viewed horizons through heavy rain with clear sunlight between.
Gathering gloom brought high seas,darkness impeding the blacksmiths strike.
His glowing bellows illuminate loose fittings, strewn across the night.
Writing desk,solid oak,thirty bushels of wheat,
less two sold on deck before anchors release.
Salted meat,maize, exotic tea,sixty sacks of corn,
ten casks of gin,steel needles,pins. Drum, trumpet,
price raised, timpani bells,
one hundred weight of stolen Cumbrian Cheese.
On the lee side,fifteen hundred porcelain plates,
striped wooden monkeys, each moves upon a stick,
to strike his mate.While sunk in the aft, pickles, preserves,
three dozen bottles of Ranson's Elixier reserved.
Tobacco mixtures for the pipe,exchanged in Madeira
for duty free wine.Camwood,ivory,hemp and paddles.
Train oil from cod and whale,pigs tails drowned in brine.
Sticks of pepper, muslin lengths soaked in lime.
Molasses and eggs of tench,indigo powders,yellow dyes.
Tied on deck beneath flailing clouds,impaled upon a boundless sky.

9 May 06

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i'm on a boat
and everything smells good!

i love reading your words
 — bettalpha

Dear bettalpha

even the captains armpit?

Larry fragrant winds launched from a can of beans Lark
 — unknown

WOW!  where did you find this?  
who was the logger?
 — unknown

do go on!
 — gnormal

Dear Unknown

I foumd it beneath a mermaids tail on the seven seas of rye.

Larry strange but true tails Lark
 — unknown

Dear Gnormal

Well.... next we traversed the Southern Ocean becoming embroiled in a fierce arguament between the Captain and his barnacle encrusted first mate as to who should have most claim on the rapidly diminishing Rum ration .Off Bearbum Sound we encountered the mythical "Monsteraris Megolomanius" and after a fierce battle defeated him by chopping off his penis -now displayed in the captaind locker-one groat to view,Saturdays and tuesdays at hells bells.After that.........to be continued.

Larry Monsteraris Megolomanius Lark
 — larrylark

ll, its fantastic.  i being a fan should know.
where did this come from!?!
 — gnormal

Dear Gnormal

It came from the voyage around my head

Larry swimming with sharks lark
 — larrylark