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the fool's progress

i was happy
and shared it
with others
now i feel
like the fool

for edward abbey

24 May 06

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why do you feel like the fool?
 — marieF

this is awesome
 — unknown

I enjoyed this but i agree with marieF why feel like a fool?
 — xtormentedx

a ha ha- that's brilliant!
 — unknown

Hank knows.

 — unknown

excellent. thanks e.a.
 — hank

Hank, your soporific scanty panty poetry makes genital warts look like beach front property.

In case no one has told you, shut the fuck up.
 — pra3torian

 — hank

though i would draw you out eventually.
 — hank

Yeah, I am tool like that.
 — pra3torian

"Thought ".
idiot .
 — unknown

pra3torian I thhink you should be banned from this site!
 — icepineapple

By the way I think the poem is okay.
 — icepineapple

http://w ww.abbeyweb.net/images/covers/fools.jpg
 — unknown