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Account Of Economies And Trade Around Barbados (1784)

Having cleared rough seas beyond Barbados,
our ship limped home with loss of one.
while spread about on island reefs,
flesh baked beneath a tropical sun.
Re-sheathed and refitted in Salfatudos,
out on the Turk and Caico Islands.
We traded indigo,baubles, ginger
for wood chests filled with tarnished silver.
Three indentured Irish servants,
discharged with wages mid September.
Foul weather exhausted  crew members,
soaking the spars and rotting timber.
Rested while embargoed in Cabenda,
her keel and frame were both remoulded.
On arrival at Tralee Bay,
worked on while the cargo was unloaded.
Sundry disbursements were taken and billed,
best sail cloth abated.
Ivory used to engrave the starboard side ,
compass glass,tobacco pipes from Topsham weighted.
Thirteen pounds insured by Paice and Sons,
to use of wharehouse for salting meat.
Mizzen masts ,twine to tie about the sails,
Blunderbuss with cocks and sundry guns.
Dutch paintings bound by hessian strips.
the colonial market of Maryland is filling.
Four and one half casks of amber,
sold for six pounds and a shilling.

24 May 06

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This reads like a folk song which i love but leaves me empty at the end it turned out to be just a list
 — unknown

Oh my godfather,people on here are soooooooo demanding .OK in the next couple of days i'll try to add a dash of aventurous swash buckling bodice ripping goings on.
to this one...SATISFIED.

Larry listless Lark
 — larrylark

Larry time traveller Lark
 — rivergood

U from bim Larry??
 — Haxxen