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i know that oasis
the band
took their name from the edge
of a coin
but that is not what i want to talk about
have you ever loved? so
the wrinkle
the mad
the mess
and the love
the care
and the worth
you know who you are
this is becoming easy

for vanessa

7 Jun 06

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This seems very disjointed.  I'd suggest dropping the whole first verse.  Or explain it.
 — unknown

For gods sake , i know its a diary for you . just try and make it more light hearted .
Slinky , ball , virgin , what is going on with the latest poems ......?
 — unknown

i wonder if they who what you're talking about.
but learning the lesson isn't that easy. it requires self-awareness...
 — unknown

this seems to fade away.
 — hank

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