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brown furry oblong
black seeds on green
comes from far
never been
but seems to me
that it is odd that people
get named from fruit
some say you can
some say do not
eat the fuzzy fuzzy
skin i do

9 Jun 06

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the titles are always a give away.
hello hank.
nice poem. simple style that belongs to you.
hope yer well.

 — unknown

well yes. in fact, terribly. poor. happy. loved. loving. creative. is there a better way to-?
 — hank

ps. always nice to hear from you.
 — hank

Hank and Varun both on board?  That hasn't happened for a long while, far as I know.  Yes, this is definitely has a style of its own.  (You eat the skin?  Do you swallow it?  ugh!)
 — Isabelle5

rollercoaster's always the best. might throw up a few times, but then that's the thrill... i guess.
nice too, yes.
i'm very fond of kiwi.
 — unknown

Just so you know...The people and the fruit are both named after a small brown fuzzy flightless bird (the kiwi). The fruit was given that name because at the time of it becoming popular China was not in favour in the west , and it was previously known as Chinese Gooseberry.
I dont eat the skin btw. Have you tasted the new Gold Coloured Kiwifruit?
 — CrunchyWeta

Oddly hypnotic. Oddly transcendent. Not much here. But it's all worth reading.
 — DianaTrees

read this poem
 — unknown

its called "kiwi FRUIT" people!!!  as CW says, a kiwi is a brown furry oblong bird that can't fly, can't see, has nostrils on the end of its long beak and only comes out at night.  which of course is also odd that people get named from this ...
 — unknown

hey hank. good poem.
 — listen

does no one get that hank is implying the three different usages of the word 'kiwi'? it's the fruit, then the people and then the bird...

 — unknown

i was taught in school that nobody remembers the middle.
 — hank

hence (if that is a word) the first line.
 — hank

and why 'fuzzy, fuzzy'? fuck. i don't know.
 — hank

The end of Isabelle's comment nearly made me pee I laughed so much.  Nice write - intriguing style.
 — WordsAndMe

i think you could get rid of either 'that' or 'that' in line 6.

 — unknown

Nice poem, I like the subject.  My Grandad lived in New Zealand for 20 years and used to visit once every couple years when I was a kid, and he'd eat kiwi...I remember grabbing one for the first time and chomping it like an apple, skin and all, when all of a sudden Grandad told me I was eating a Lamb's balls!! ha!  Thanks!
 — jenakajoffer

me me me!

Miss ya H - hope life is goodly?
 — kitkat