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The Climber

Airless, still, one breath left,
hanging threads severed,
dancing into deaths space,
last trace of life is decreed gone.
I was at one,
floating among oceanic hights
far beyond final islands.
My hat bobbed on a dazzlingly white
Sargasso Sea, a red spot
in the churning wake of an infinite dream.
Endlessly waiting, head kissed
among a mantle of stars.
Holding hands with myself,
a child, looking through my own eyes.
Lifted on a serpents head
above these waves of snow,
spread above a patchwork map,
signposting the  mundane, everyday.
Men walk in slow motion,
wading among yellow tents,
breathing while i can't find breath.
My boat,a funeral pyre,
encased in flames of ice.
Fires burn summits
at my journeys end
where smoke bends into cloud,
becoming smoke again.
The whisp of my life
curls among whispering winds
and is gone.

11 Jun 06

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great imagery.
 — listen

Dear Listen,

I wrote this after reading about a man who survived three days without oxygen in an hallucinatory state among the hights of Everest and somehow wandered back into camp.This is the longest known survival period recorded.Thanks for reading

Larry deep breathes Lark
 — larrylark

Larry, what was the book you read?
As a climber, I am interested
Good poem, I will be back to comment
 — slancho

Dear Maria

I read this in one of the Sunday papers a couple of weeks ago,The Times i think and it was about his guy who did one of those quick dashes to the top without oxygen,but there is only a limited amount of time to do the climb  before your senses become seriously impaired through lack of air.This guy was up there three days before he wamdered dazed and confused back into base camp ,having been given up for dead.This is the longest known period anyone has survived in rarified conditions.

Larry gasbag Lark
 — larrylark