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things are getting rare

when you are right
seldom times but
just the same they do come
along in a while
awhile whales
are now getting rare
er because when you are
right whales are one of
the rarest of sights but
what bothers me most
is when i have to choose

thanks IWC. i will, i promise, make sure that you are judged harshly.

16 Jun 06

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thanks IWC. i will, i promise, make sure that you are judged harshly.

What does that mean?

 — unknown

the international whaling commission. i will deal with them harshly.
 — hank

It's a strange thing, I had gained quite a lot of weight and on collecting some photographs back from the developers a picture of my exboyfriend's mother standing over a beached/harpooned whale arrived in with the current photos.
As the film had been fresh it did make me think and diet.
 — unknown

 — unknown

the iwc is impotent. japan and iceland and other pro-whaling countries have been hunting whales for years under loop-holes in the current ban. it makes me angry too.
 — unknown

i tried whale bacon in japan.  it wasnt good.  not at all.  japanese kids dont like it either, as western kids dont like liver.  no reason to kill them for food.  there are better things these days to eat.

i like the poem.  i nice peaceful one two, starting right from the title.  i dont get the last line.  i dont know why spell "a while" two ways on successive lines.  it's distracting.  i also think the footnote is dis/de/tracting.
 — gnormal