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A Letter to the Author of The Compleat Angler

Dear Sir,
I am cool and safe and moist
in the purity
of dig-we-must
for come-what-may,
though deeper, slower,
in this cold, moist stuff: the currency
of food banking, always my calling.
The only time I be overdrawn
is when I'd near-surely drown
in this lately sodden ground.
Regret: of your invitation
of last week; I think
I do not care to join you to
go fish.
Earth Worm

23 Jun 06

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I had to choose a "recipient" for the worm's letter.  
No one here is more appreciated than Diana Trees.
It is a little homage of whimsey for her.
This worm turns but gently.
 — netskyIam

Why does everyone seem to know Diana?  I only saw her name recently.  Did you have a slumber party and not invite me?

This is cute and sassy.
 — Isabelle5

cryptic=arcane=abstract=self indulgence
 — unknown

She's a good, tough critic here.
Whimsey and self indulgence are fine reasons to address a poem to a particular person.

I'd not like to end on her hook, though.  I'd sink fast!
Remember: "worm" is "ver" in French.  Our "Verse" comes from the French; their "vers".

So this is a one-of-a-kind ver, I promise.
Of course "netsky" is a worm, too.
 — netskyIam

verily i say you never cease to amaze .)
 — unknown

Nets you tread your own path.

Enjoyed your entertainment

badge :0)
 — unknown

Dear Badger.  I miss you.  My friend.  
The item has morphed a bit (a lot).
I wish to keep this version here for DianaTrees
but the poem is now more whimsical

You know The Compleate Angler, of course....

Letter to Izaak Walton


One is cool and is safemost

in the Purity of dig-he-must

for come-what-may,

though deeper, slower,

in this cold Stuff—

the Currency of food Banked.

The only time when I grow Vexed

is now—I would fain to perhaps drown

in my lately sodden Mine,

rather than be tender—

to the Point

—Regrets of your Invitation

of last week—I think

I do not care to Fish.

Yr Obdt, Etc.

Earth Worm
 — netskyIam

haha. i found this humourous! it was interesting and very unique in a way that i'd never thought of it!
 — misterpoet