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Licking Rubber Spatulas

I used the same rubber spatula today.
First to make your peanut butter and muscadine
jelly sandwich and then
your turkey and cheese.
I licked it clean in between.
Then I drank all the cold green tea
But I knew you’d want a beer anyway.
So I did it.
You left a damp towel hanging on the shower bar
because you knew I wouldn’t mind using it after you.
And you like to make sure there are ALWAYS
four toilet rolls available for use.
But I don’t ever tell anyone that.
And sometimes you let me in to clean my teeth
Even though you are still sitting there.

24 Jun 06

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Whow, powerful. Cringe making... but in a good way...
 — dele

when you know someone, you know someone....
 — unknown

This is so sweet
 — unknown

i like how you can reveal yourself.
 — unknown

that's really sweet...
to love eachother despite all the annoying and disgusting things....
did you show your husband this poem?
i dont know hwta makes it so good,it just is- perfect!
 — linushh

Some people are awful with their irritating ways that often build a funeral pyhr under a relationship. This is so sharply observed and conveyed with quite stunning elan.
 — larrylark

I don't think I can live with that :-) I like the enjambments and use of internal rhymes.
 — JoelJosol

This is revealing in an exciting sort of way.
One thing: lines 11-12, you say "there is ALWAYS/four toilet rolls"...the "is" should be "are" as far as I can tell.
 — mindbodysoul

good catch
 — unknown