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retitle "The Italians in Algeria"

The Italians were in Algeria;
there is famous music to that effect.
Less Rossini, though no less likely,
some Algerians were in the Italians.

5 Jul 06

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Clever, but there's more to be said.
 — DianaTrees

 — Bombazine

tell us something that doesn't happen all the time everywhere.
 — unknown

Thanks guys.  I wonder if the present title just plain ruins the very small joke of this very small verse.  "men rape men"... yah, that's a spoiler.   At the least, maybe I should retitle.   But what  "The Italians in Algeria" is the title of Rossini's musical piece about his nation's occupation (bloodless then) of that key country.  
 — netskyIam

rarher witty = redeemed by it's clever allusory couplets. It does say a lot about the nature of collonialism very succinctly too.
 — opal

ps - mr. n - I'd like to have written this.
 — opal

Wow. Cleverly Spoken yet another side do I see of it with the last line. hum!
 — misterpoet