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The TV Viewer

Giancarlo watched a TV tuned
to engage a viewership of one-
such as Giancarlo, turning
to see more of what was showing where.
was not sure.
The TV patterned curves—all there.
The TV had fine colors too.
The TV sweetly softened focus.
Giancarlo near to reeling watched it.
The TV played another minute—
for him—it offered a spot in it.
Giancarlo paused, "are you a PAL?"
The TV flustered
snow and static.
Giancarlo had seen enough.
He turned and left the set because
the TV turned him off.

14 Jul 06

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The double spacing threw me off
 — propoet50

Is the reception decent enough to see a picture?
I think the line spacings are negotiable.
Huge numbers of traditional poems by well-known poets
do the double space thing.  It makes a simple poem arrest the eye.
Think: The Red Wheelbarrow by Walter Carlos Williams.

Thanks for any thoughts.  Who likes the TV?
 — netskyIam

technical notes: There are several TV broadcast standards.
They are not compatible

-NTSC (USA, North America)
-SECAM (France)
-PAL (Europe)
-TV x-Box  (cross dressing males everywhere)
 — netskyIam

i liked it. i thought the pal reference was obvious...
 — aerol

something about it keeps you hooked until the end.
 — aerol

I think you use esoteric language and form in an attempt to trick yourself into believing that you are unique and somehow usurp other mortals.  Perhaps you are ashamed of your humanness.  Perhaps you are already aware that you do it.
 — unknown

Thank you propoet50.  
Thank you aerol.  And thank you, Unk.
I am not shamed, but only sorry am so mortal.  I'd like to die relatively happy.
Being clever is not so good or fun.  Say, is there anything "esoteric" in this poem?
-I hoped it'd be engaging enough to hold attention,
-simple enough that the reader'd 'get it' by about S2, if not earlier,
-then,  a finish, cute--but not too cute--and -not esoteric-.

So there it is.   A queer poem indeed.  
Much obliged for nice people. You help me see things.
 — netskyIam

Ah! I have audio once again!
Here I am, reading the TV
 — netskyIam