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Not for all the Price in China

Part ! = In SingSong =
We all live in Chinatown.
We like the prices coming down:
Electric Mower cut your grass
sharp sharp blade will long time last.
Blender Cooktop Boning knife
all good for dinner eat with wife.
We all live in Chinatown.
We like the prices coming down:
Hair brush Paint brush brush you Whack
with string-end Power weed Attack.
But are we somehow going down?
Glassy Plastic Metal Ware
Dream Land Angels, more  like this:
We all live in Chinatowns.
We consume our fats from china plates
enjoying all that stuff that China makes
so well their workers 'pwn' us all.  
Part !!  = Stop the Music =
Tonight on Hannity and Colmes
Sean Hannity reacts to the dawn-
ing reality: China produces al-
most all of our goods:
"China, I tell you what.
We're wise to you.
We're resolute.
We're proud to state
America Still Grows
its own rice."

15 Jul 06

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what is a pwn?
 — unknown

pawn? own? spelling check please
 — unknown

sorry, but the repetition of the 1st line over and over is painful to read, it just doesn't work the way this sometimes does- but i did like the last half.  
 — jenakajoffer

Well, I just read this again, and in fact I do quite like the whole thing, but for the rep 5x's of that line, still kinda bugs me :), lines 16-23 are super.  The sp in L17, not a big deal, you'll get to it.  Thank you.
 — jenakajoffer

Thanks, all.  Very helpful!  That "word" really is a new word, so not many will know it yet:
http://en.wikipedia.o rg/wiki/Pwned

-own, defeat, take down-

I sort of sang those repetitive lines out to the keyboard while thinking of an old time pop song, "Chinatown, my Chinatown..."

Hence, it's singy-songy for the most part.   In the finish that pattern is -cast off-, and I'm not sure this works, for the reasons you stated, Jena.  

Will make some retouches to the poem now, altering the repeated line to become two variants of its present self.

Thanks.  It's a poem just setting up to make an acerbic joke on US.
We've "pwnd" ourselves.

 — netskyIam

Reid, thanks for the link...haha, you're too smart for some o' the lot here!  That turns out to be the perfect word too for the sharp sarcasm of the poem.  You don't have to be American to like this, hehe. Look forward to the retouches.
 — jenakajoffer

retouched for Jen
 — netskyIam

Haha!  I really dig the "retouches", it flows well, it's funny as hell, and I am flattered to be bantering with someone of your talent.  Thanks Reid, awesome work.
 — jenakajoffer

PS...Did you change the title?  What was it originally?
 — jenakajoffer

part one is brilliant. part two is clever...together is an interesting combo but all the same i am really impressed and inspired by your usage of slang and language. fox news is shyte, in'it.
 — bowiegirl

Hannity is, moreso than O'Reilly, a fascist piggie.
Yes, bowiegirl.  He blows and bullies.
This poem isn't so hot, maybe, but it only means to make fun
and pop a few balloons.  At another (searious) board, the poem was
branded RACIST; poking fun at chinese-accented english.  Nonsense!
It pokes fun at US.  The Chinese accent is really seen; we've all seen it;
it's just an accent.  I speak -zero- Mandarin.  I wonder, though, if I did,
would I sound sensible?  Can I make a toaster from raw materials, even?
No.  But I would make toast
of boastful Americans, if I could.
 — netskyIam

Jenna, the original title had "rice" instead of "price".
I could not resist making it a pun.
Thank you and bowiegirl in particular for smiles and encouragements.
I rike you both. (I tease the political-correctness prigs out there).
 — netskyIam

For the international readers: the reference to Hannity and Colmes--they are a pair of
journalistic clowns on Fox's evening televison.
Hannity is ultra conservative; an American fascist-bully. Nice looking fella.
Colmes is Hannity's colorless lackey liberal sidekick; homely, too: he looks like a walleyed pike.
Colmes works for Hannity,  to make Hannity look swell.

author sings his own dam poem
 — netskyIam

Me likee sing song poem with wiff of flied lice. velly nice
 — larrylark