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Van Gogh's Last Day

(after 'Painter On His Way To Work' by Francis Bacon)
In his field of dreams, rivers of molten soil
flow back to the volcano.
Feet planted under garish light.
Sprinklings of sulphuric ash envelope token crops.
Easel, canvas, paint; footnotes which await
off stage. Trees empty of foliage
bend in a mistral wind, echoing
dun-coloured mirage looming between dark branches.    
Crows fly; crazy, circular,skim low,
Smouldering wing tips trimmed for winter flight.
A single shot sends black masques
soaring from the site.

After commenting on 'Van Gogh's Vilanelle' by Ananke, I was inspired to write this poem based one of my favourite paintings.

28 Sep 03

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I like it.
 — Ananke

I do, too. I've been to the Van Gogh site now. Starry Night is still my fave. Here's an ad for Donald Tetto's photo site. Look at it! His pictures are wonderful!
 — Isabelle5

check out Kurosowas film "Dreams" he runs through Van Gough's paintings.
 — onklcrispy

I love that film.
 — unknown

d'oh, that was me
 — Ananke

Very well done. rob
 — unknown

I know this painting well and you have created a poem worthy of describing it.
 — unknown

what the hell are you on
 — Hear-u-Me

Hear u me ,can't someone get high off sniffing oil paint,yellow ochres my favourite .
 — larrylark

Line 5 - I'm pretty sure it's spelt as "sulfuric", not "sulphuric"
Line 12 - "circular, skim" (note the space after the comma)
 — Lia

Dear Lia

do you want a job as my proof reader?I am highly respectable exept on Saturdays and i pay good money
 — larrylark

If you are being serious, I would love to go through all of your poems and check them. I am strange like that. But Noodleman thought I was being a bit obsessive?

I don't know why, but I can usually only see others mistakes, never my own. Says a lot about me, doesn't it?

 — Lia

I noticed that you didn't make the changes I suggested? Does that mean you want me to stop pointing them out to you? I will if you want.
 — Lia

I am an artist,
and I love this poem.
 — schotsy

I like it. . .I like especially the middle stanza.  I like the desriptions of natures processes, and the timing of it, read aloud and silently.
 — unknown

This is a lovely ekphrastic poem, L12-15 have wonderful images and alliteration. Thank you.  
 — redsky

Dear Redsky

It was nice to be able to bring together two of my favourite painters in one poem.Glad you liked it.

 — larrylark

i love line 5! "sprinkling of sulphuric ash envelope token crops"... beautiful description!
 — mishambootie

Larry, I didn't notice this before but in line 5, did you mean envelop or envelope?  
 — Isabelle5

Hi Isabelle

Thanks for the spot.

Larry stamped with first class Lark
 — larrylark

 — listen

I love Van Gough. This piece gracefully extends Gough's art through poetry.
 — Bandrews

Hi Bandrews

Thanks for your comment.

Larry sunflower Lark
 — larrylark

So, I've got kindred spirits here writing about Van Gogh. I can see the painting you are describing.
 — JoelJosol

Hi Joel Josel

His use of colour was pretty staggering and so are the prices of both their painting. I do believe that a Bacon tryptich went for 26,000,000 quid the other day, at least its thre for the price of one.

 — larrylark

This is excellent.  The images are potent and their action and hues are also part of their nature many do not see or understand.  Van Gogh is, of course, seminal ... divinely beautiful in his art.  I have seen the painting which this is written to and your poem and it would be together like a conductor and a brilliant celloist or oboe solo.  Poetry based upon  important paintings is an important genre of poetry, and you have captured this painting well.  Congrats.
 — MoquiTakoda

I love ekphrastic poems and this one is wonderful! I really enjoyed the alliteration of s and c sounds towards the end of the poem.
 — redsky

another painting over the bar of pc pub. "wot's that there shite on t'wall, jimmy? "tis me love-mate's vision of how it'll soon be the world out of gin a'cause of the global warmers. "blimy.
 — unknown

Hi MockiTakoda

Thanks for the crit, it was much appreciated

Larry riotous in vermilion Lark
 — larrylark

Dear Unknown

If you don't want your globals warmed then please wear thinner underpants.

Larry thin on the skin Lark
 — larrylark

painting poems are great. There are many truly good ones out there......but they are best when they are not 90% a description of the painting.

Describe it. Yes. But make that the onramp to your poem....create your own work of art from it, not something that is entirely dependant on it.
 — joshcoops

in his cliche' of trite, oodles of frisson
flow down his shirt front.
feet jumping under tilted chair,
sprinklings of cheetos dust, crumbs, twinkies cream fill.

easy, type-a-line, words of a feather stick together! await
deflation into lurky-luck and maybe a winner
in the poem ninty-nine cent store of varun and opal --
dim minded mirage, the misty whizz and many hic-cups,
echoing in arcadia, between and during moment from our

cows moo; happy, spinular -- skim milk,
simmering on an open fire, yahoo-hoo, pardners
dance the chuckfire, okComputeral, and several virgils --
a single snot drips for-lostly from the coked up nose --
such fearsome foppery from brokebrain mountain.
 — unknown

 — Empty

Line 1 could be a part of the title, without parenthesis.  U know it, I know it:  U r short in context, contextualitty.  Your nouns are unbecoming of yourself.    
 — percocet

aww cum on parcecet..give me a line break

Larry broken Lark
 — larrylark

Nice. I like it. I have to search for this painting.
 — haika

The painting is by the great Francis Bacon...I had the pleasure of riding on a tube train in London once. Very pleasant man...fabulous make up.

Larry made up Lark
 — larrylark

Your poem is like the phoenix rising renewed from the Second World War ashes.
Enjoyed it very much.
 — albeej

I see where your coming from albee. Thanks for the comment
 — larrylark