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our nature tends to make us unnatural

when you start to look ugly
which can never happen really
but will
in your eyes
uglier than you thought you were
because you were better once
maybe you get shocked or pissed
or mad or glum and forget
it is natural to get ugly but not
natural to believe it

21 Jul 06

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yeah, but; no, but; yeah, but; no, but...
 — unknown

one of the best comments i've received in a long time. thanks.
 — hank

tha's why god created moles..
 — crepaway

absolute bit of wit there creep.
 — hank

thank goodness i'm writing poetry again that rates ones. haven't had a one since 'ball'. (but that's probably not true).
 — hank

(me no give 1'sss) this feels like Richard Brautigan's poem (   ) <-- cant recall title  
 — crepaway

insightful, had to read it twice to understand lines 2 to 5, not a great flow there. but i like your poem.
 — bleach

new poems
 — varun

i still believe this.
 — hank