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Ship Of Fools

I set about the sea with a paddle and a raft,
everyone from here about thought me completely mad.
I built upon my raft soft chairs and a settee,
plumped them up with cushions and throws of crepe de chine.
I found a lump of coral which whispered in my ear,
a song about a mermaid whenever land drew near.
But I'd had enough of land, shifting, soiled and owned,
so stuck to foaming waters where my fortune could still grow.
I extended out my craft though it was against the rules,
smashed champagne against it, re-named it ship of fools.
People hurled themselves on board from every sandy shore,
as we sail from here to nowhere, then back forever more.

29 Jul 06

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tasty stuff, I have a real thing for marina influenced poetry so this is nice.
enjoi the peculiarities of the tale... generally like it very much.
 — AlKenny

strange but interesting! I love the ending, if your ship/raft really existed I'd hop on board. It's some raft that can hold a settee, peoople, etc!
 — bleach

this is a very bad poem
stupid in fact

and alkenny is very wierd if he is entranced by "marina poetry"
 — unknown

Love the fantasy and the alliteration - unknown is on crack.
 — unknown

Dear Unknown

why don't you row out and find an island ,drop your pants and briefs and rub your winkle up against a barnacle. It won't make you feel any better,but you know what they say, More pain, more gain

Larry Capt. of the ship Lark
 — larrylark

Dear Bleach

All ore welcome, even unknowns who give ones which cofirms that you are on the right track for if people hate you enough and equally some love you enough it confirms your ship is travelling in the right direction and can easily accomadate a few pathetic whimps and they can even skulk in the shade sipping lemonade behind the settee.

Larry three cheers for the ones who are unknown Lark
 — larrylark

The off again on again rhyme is unsettling.
 — Meredith

Dear Meredith,

Like life itself i suppose

Larry supposes lark
 — larrylark