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sittin all skinny in a vulkswagon (ode to Christ)

Good Friends,
they are
they are
breaking bones.
they are
beginning to
slam! into one another
breath taking force !!
eoop, (there's the horn, by golly,
our limbs portruding north and south and all the rest. wait, just move this way. just your knee.
just an inch.
this little bit of bulge
over mine.
you must.
you have entirely
are sharply molded
to jab my own.
a loud and booming Hey hey hey withya
even when i   leap
frightfully   from the world into you.
HERE IS MY LOVE LIFE: hump hump hump.

4 Aug 06

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this is crap remove it please
 — unknown

     This is wonderfully morbid & frightening, a Brother's Grimm on 23rd Street.  I especially love "limbs portruding north and south and all the rest."  Having seen a number of your poems before, I'm still in awe of how fertile your imagination is.
    For this poem, I'd only suggest two things: first, "sweat glands screaming" doesn't do it for me.  It really stands out, and seems to only marginally fit with the "four-wheeled bag of bones" feel of the rest.  Last, "anorexic" in the title seems a bit cute for me.  Do reconsider.
    Good fun, thanks,
 — mikkirat

Yes Mikki, I did what you said, because you were right! :-D Thanksthanks.
 — OKcomputer

    You're welcome, OKcomputer.  I love the twisted worlds you create, "Carlos" and "Pews" are just amazing.  I look forward to your next.
 — mikkirat

Ode to Christ reminded me of Ode to Joy, so as I reas this I had that melody in my head. The words to a certain point almost went along with it. Hmm. But anyway:

This was pretty enjoyable. Gritty. Bloody. But not so in an obviously grotesque way. This almost comes across as comical (satirical, maybe?). Eh, anyway, I like it.

The last two lines do, however, intrigue/confuse me. I wonder what they mean individually as well as to the body of the poem.
 — Rixes

"you have entirely too many bones," that's great. Love the general tone of the poem.
 — jcameron