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little rain drop i love your chorus
descend the ladder of the forest
pitter patter from leaf to leaf
unto the floor you give relief
but not before an eye you close
with a flattering tap upon the nose

6 Aug 06

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 — unknown

wow, that was fast. thank you.
 — hank

It's cute, I enjoy it.
- cloudless (who cannot log in on this comp for some reason, sorry)
 — unknown

"not before an eye you close" - this line killed me. will carry that around with me for the rest of the day. thank you for this poem.
 — huyue

my lil frog lost it's head. it's two eyes were dead but it's two legs were still walking.

brilliant poem hank

 — unknown

but they
 — varun

wow, love this. sometimes you have to go back through your own shit to find something you like so that you continue.
 — hank

Can continue.
 — hank

indeed. please do continue mr. hank.
i'd like your book published so i can buy one.
 — varun