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smart bird

a raven or two
many more to be true
perched atop hay
no longer play
all or nothing with those ravens

18 Aug 06

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this is a poem?
 — unknown

yeah. one of mine.
 — hank

I..like it.
Not sure why, because I damn sure don't understand.
Perhaps an explanation?
 — MEB

marry me?
 — unknown

i'd like a signed copy when you do.
 — varun

good. rhymes. hello hank i'm not surprised, your simplicity is always bliss. the relaxed rhyme is good for the relaxed poem, as reiterated upon line five. and as usual sparing words is a strength.
 — listen

You must know that unless you are 5 years old, this is rather a juvenile poem, right?  
 — Isabelle5

Usually ravens symbolize death.
Acording to Edgar Allen Poe and other people (mostly those who can predict death)
Is that what u were going at?
Or just being random?
Or is there another theme?
Enlighten me
 — PoisonPoet_x