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so where are they
i am talking to myself

26 Aug 06

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Is there any poetry here? I'm not even sure why these words are strung together. I hope the poet will explain.
 — Kita

I liked the witiness of this little piece where the poet finds himself alone and complains about his absent readers. It is almost a playlet.
I also liked the ambiguity of 'heroes' ('very brave people' / 'small chocolates').
It was very clever, but also a little emo.
Perhaps the cleverness in this poem was largely accidental (but then only good poets get this kind of lucky).
Or perhaps you really are a very  fine poet indeed (but on an off-day).
 — ferngulley

i'd say it's one of the best, i'd say...
 — varun

The line breaks speak volumes. This can be read in several different ways.
 — PhynneBelle