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Voyage Around A Hotel Room

Previous occupant flattened mock Georgian chair,
left extra large trousers and loud shirts in there.
Ponderously probing, short stubby fingers
could not find them.
Wallpaper stretched; hunting scenes depicts
elongated wretched fox, fangs of hunting dogs
that repeated forever.
Glass of light bulb re-blown to flood his frame.
On bedside table solitary button remained
pinged from his collar, unwilling to be fastened.
His was an expanding world,
nebulous and full of rich veined arterial trails coursing,
soft, sensual, pumped up, fleshy highways.
He always carried with him a ship in a bottle,
fragile, in full sail and marvelled
how such a thing was constrained and held in place,
like the sky overhead in his imagination,
when he was a small child.

27 Aug 06

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A step outside of the constraints of reality - the idea of the expanding room to accommodate the man's massive sentimentality which is all encapsulated by the ship in the bottle. Physical description very strong.
 — opal

Thanks Opal

This is essentially a chance meeting of a number of disparate strands which emerged into a poem which i rather like for a change and your explanation fits it so well.

 — larrylark

Do you two ever sit down over tea and discuss your poems? Just curious.
 — unknown

Dear Unknown

No, we sit down over a gin and tonic and discuss stuff like how our shares and bonds are doing in our off shore trusts and whether we will be holidaying in Bali or Skegness next year. Off course we do,any couple presumably discuss whats dear to them ,but not all the time, maybe a couple of times a week. You might have noticed i have problems with lay out and punctuation. Thats when i post in between. Very rarely we write stuff together and its usually my "big" idea and Opal hones it, or takes it over. She teaches or tries to teach me techniques and devices. We rarely fall out over poems and i trust her advice implicitly.If she says its no good it gets binned but all her stuff is excellent so i rarely need to make a comment .

Larry couplets Lark
 — larrylark