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Uncle Jim

They fly in from pitch darkness,
swarming round the night light
kept on by my uncle since he was tortured
by Japanese soldiers during the war.
He, too, swarmed with others
on hands and knees, searching for light
at the end of a long tunnel,
where digging went on forever.

31 Aug 06

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This is awesome.  I assume your uncle was in WWI?  (I'm thinking of the trenches)
Line 5:  (Punctuation fix)  "he, too, swarmed with others" (drop that last comma)
 — aforbing

Dear Aforbing

Thanks for the spot. My uncle fought against the Japanese out in the far east during WW2. He also made the best mushroom omlettes ever.


 — larrylark

Fantastic, moving. Symbolism used with care and craft.  
 — opal

Beautiful, Larry.  Can I get away with not saying anything else?  Great writing.
 — CervusWright

Thanks Opal

A comment from you is like being given a a precious jewel to contemplate

Larry nepotic lark
 — larrylark

Dear CervusWright,

Thanks for the appreciative comment. My uncle Jim is long gone but he lives inside me still in a strange way like many others do.

Larry relative voices Lark
 — larrylark