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Prys into Apparel

Does the Pakistani
pack turbans
inside of his turban?
And under the Clydesman's wool kilt
--prunes wilt?
Explain please the clop of Old Dutch
if you haven't a tap
and no sort of soft shoe.
Does a jock wear the air
whenever unstrapped?
Did the Flying Nun crease
her winged hat
when she napped?
I could quiz Sally Fields--
'though I'd rather pry you.
whatever you don
if it's something I don't
exactly precisely
just   how   do...
...you won't???
Shame of the world
--such rudeness!

4 Sep 06

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Too cryptic for me in my Monday suit.
 — Caducus

i would concentrate your rubber (eraser) on

8-9 the  negative constructions are working against  the meaning. here it should be hard shoe not soft shoe to make sense. i think.

15-16, take the first line out (or rewrite) and smooth

paki and jock are derogatory. and the whole example and conclusion structure isn't as good a fit as it could be, yet, it seems like this has the making of one of your more leary ones though. hurrah.
 — bettalpha

Better fixed now.  I hope the world of jocks does not take offense. (lol)
 — netskyIam

it's got a title now and is basically done.

how bad is it? I can't tell.  I just know that I"m capable of writing wonderful stuff that's

really plain ol' shite! lol.

 — netskyIam

osssst, well then....howz about a l'il sniff den???  hhahahahahah
 — netskyIam

unappealing apparitions inappropriately applied
 — unknown