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the gullible truth

i believe what i see
i believe what i hear
and i take everything
very seriously

7 Sep 06

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Its hard to take this seriously
 — Tentative

▲ why, gullible?!
 — oracle

easy to apply to anything
so i applied it to everything
very satisfying thank you

now if only TB
would get kicked in the head
 — bettalpha

maybe you could get rid of line 4. would make it tighter.
i'm guessing the idea is that the reader is too gullible to react just as you'd like them... if not, then it should be. otherwise, i'm defeated at the point of it...
 — varun

of course...
how's it goin?

read my new ones?
 — varun

You shouldn't! MM
 — unknown

So?  Write a poem about it.  This isn't a poem, it's just notes about yourself.
 — Isabelle5

how seriously are you?
 — unknown

A sentence without punctuation is not a poem.
 — redhen

I do see what you are trying to do here.  I think HOW you've done it is off-putting.  This one deserves a second try.
 — nugunz