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Just like death everything
is eventual,everything blooms
and too, everything decays
i think everything decays
i think so but i won't be there
i will not die.

9 Sep 06

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OMG, I love Stephen King too!!!  I'm sure that you've read the short story collection of his called Everything is Eventual, right?  Or is that even the title?  I forget... But it's close!  Or maybe it's the Bible.

Oh yes, the poem...  It reminds me of one of those verses from the Bible about when things should be done:  "There is a time to live, and a time to die."  I'm sure you know about that.  Too much of that "even" syllables for my taste, and I don't like how decay is used twice as a line closer in lines 5 and 6.  Too soon too often in this poem.  Decay is a good word, no doubt.  It's wonderful for death metal.  But even in death metal, it's not used that much.  But don't mind me, I'm just a bored soul stuck at home.  (Actually not really, but you know...)

 — MAOPrrez

Reminds me of one of the tagline things off of the Six Feet Under DVD's
 — DeformedLion