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9/11 Tribute to Insensibility

I dreamed that I was flying
from a window near a river,
that a roar was in my ears -
people far below were calling
and the air was soft but littered
as I held my skirt against me.
As the wind tried to undress me,
I watched the world fall close.
I dreamed that I was laughing
as I flew down toward the pavement.
The blazing of the windows
was just background music playing
as I spread my arms to capture
any sense of reason left me
but the air was littered softly
as I watched the world fall close.
I passed a man with screaming hair –
he didn’t smile, just pointed out
that my wings were all aflame;
How could he see?  His eyes were gone.
I dreamed that I would never land,
that I would soar across that river.
People weeping as I landed
and the world finally fell close.

11 Sep 06

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A beautiful and touching poem about a not so beautiful day in American history.  Thankyou.
 — starr

I'm honored that you liked it.  Thank you and God bless the World today.
 — unknown

Indeed.  God Bless the World.  It needs a BIG BLESSING today and everyday.  Amen.  Peace and yes, I really like this poem.  Good work.
 — starr

this captures a dream-like quality very well.  i trip a little on the repetitive "as I", but maybe that was intentional?
 — oracle

It's supposed to be the unreality as the person leaps to their death.  Repetition felt right to me.  May none of us ever have to make that decision, to jump or be burned to death.
 — unknown

yes, i see.  haunting, beautuful write
 — oracle

Thank you, oracle.
 — Isabelle5

painful to contemplate. to remember those who did make that choice. well written tribute. like that day, a bit surreal.
 — SteelAngel

Thank you, I'm glad the sense of being in shock came through.  I sort of fell in love with the phrase "falling close."
 — Isabelle5


Background music WAS playing in the ground-level patio area between the two buildings during the entire episode. It played on until the towers came down. One of the documentaries captured this.

Bizarre and surreal but true.
 — unknown

I can't think of anything I'd change. You're talented.
 — AMarvell

Good poem.
 — unknown

I love it
 — w0und3d

Thank you.  I still shudder when I read it.  That day will not ever leave us.  Seems each generation has a few days that are seared into our minds.  
 — Isabelle5