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Dumbest thing I ever did for love (with audio reading!)

The dumbest thing I ever did for love?
I gave a baby panda
a fade haircut without fee.
What a waste of my affection.
The panda cuddled up instead
with that puke beautician
from the shop across the street.
I wish now I'd burned its roots
with 40 vol. peroxide. But
by then it was too late for that.
So I burned the punk's place down
while they meshed in fur massage.
Lesson learned the hardest way:
never pander to a panda.
It will rip your heartstrings out
and scratchmark the headboard.
One less panda, one less pawn.
What's the difference, and who cares?
Evidently, my scissors do, and deeply.

19 Sep 06

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My only critique is that L19 & L20 seem a bit choppy with an otherwise fluid poem.

I really like this.
 — wanderlusted

Thanks--I agree with your point.  I'll work on this.  It's fresh, so time and advice will show better ways.   Much obliged,  Reid
 — netskyIam

freshly disimproved.  more psychopathic.  more of all that.
 — netskyIam

Wow what an imagination and a sense of humour
You're a poet you say?
 — Tentative

I say I'm a nut, is what I say.  Thank you!
 — netskyIam

comic reading by author
 — netskyIam