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Fishing With Flowers

I learned among sugar cane,
roses, and stiff sculpted stems
bending in the wind. Tangy salt
smelled sweet and sour;
swift tide turned on midnight's hour.
Anglers played lines along the pier
set for tench,fluke and bream.
Drowsy fish bit fly laden hooks
surfacing among petals on inland brooks
mud nudged perfume scented gills.

16 Oct 03

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Bright and lovely stuff!
 — Isabelle5

It's like fishing among the fantasy marshes or maybe the Camargue. Beautiful selection of images, lazy and lovely.

 — unknown

beautiful the way you expressed things loved it
 — kia

simple plops
they gave me joy

laughing cloud smile vapor
 — onklcrispy

Dear Isabella

Glad you liked this poem, trying to catch up now i'm home from the north pole for xmas. By the way Santa really does exist, i saw him in a bar in Greenland called"The Eskimo's Seal"
 — larrylark

I love this. Just read it 3 times in a row. At first "sweet and sour" jarred a little. But I let myself just let it be and by the 3rd read, I realized that it was just right. It flows so well and has a lovely balanced form. Nostalgic yet immediate.
 — smugzy

Dear Smugsy

Thanks for commenting on a poem which is one of my better attemots at a short poem though i don't seem to know till this dat where it came from ,it seemed to sort of write itself

Larry gone fishing Lark
 — larrylark

You learned among sugar cane? What did you learn? Or did you mean lean?

And you need a space after the comma in line 7.

Is the title supposed to say "Fiowers"? Or "Flowers"?

I am extremely confused. I like the imagery.
 — Lia

Line 8 - "Drowsy" ( no "e")

I don't like the spacing between each line. It should be reserved for the stanzas only, I think.
 — Lia

Dear Lia

you are the first one to spot the deliberate mishstake in the title.Your prize is a pumpkin pie wiv a dickshunury in the middle.Thanks for the help,its much appreciated by a half blind idiot like wot i am.
 — larrylark

Yummy - pie!

I see you changed the title. Why was it deliberate? Are you going to change any other things I pointed out, or just leave them as is?
 — Lia

I am an artist.
You write like an artist
and I love it.
 — schotsy

Dera Lia

Sometimes you sound so scary when you issue orders.

Larry bossman Lark
 — larrylark

I love the delicate nature of this piece.  I especially like lines 4 and 5.  Keep writing.  You have a gift.  And, thank you for your kind words regarding my poem, My "Friend".  It's not quite so bad anymore with my family.  But, can be hard with strangers who inadvertently slip homophobic remarks into thier conversations with me.
 — TypicalMe

This is beautiful. It sounds like an Iron&Wine song.
 — unknown

very nice poem, imaginative and colourful. Hate the way its laid out though!
 — bleach

 — unknown

Hi Unknown

I consider this early poem one of my best efforts . Thanks for reviving it.
 — larrylark

I really enjoy the dreamy, euphoric, sleepy feel it gives.
 — Aziel

fish hooks and sugar cane brooks;
a delightful play with loveable scents and images.
 — jenakajoffer

I felt the kitchen fall away around me, and the sea before me, the night around me, and the pull of the line, and the fish nibbling my hooks.

How does one break the habits of a lifetime by the way?
One morning, decide that - hey! I think I shall take a cold shower and then get around to breaking thoes lifetime habits that have been getting in my way?
 — shhhh

good poem
 — stout

absolutely wonderfully written and captured though forms.

"Thier tangy salt smelled sweet and sour; swift tide turned on midnights hour".

"mud nudging" just those sounds .. lovely.. lovely..

though missing a space between the comma and F (fluke) line 7?

this feels more of a river bank scene than a coastal one, but still the rendition is superb..

great read
 — Mongrol

Thanks Mongrol

It is actually a babbling brook

Larry ripple in a stream Lark
 — larrylark

ahh it was the swift tides bit that got me :)
 — Mongrol

I know exactly what you mean Mongrol. Those swift tides are a pesky nuisance and i always venture out these days with an instant air fill lilo, rubber dingy and a pair of water wings. Beware also my friend , the tides of men

Larry tidal Lark
 — larrylark

I bet you look wonderfully insane dressed up like that too :)

So have the Tides of Men, as well as the Ides of March to watch out for? It's a dangerous world out there.. !
 — Mongrol

I agreeMongrol. I even make sure my body armour is armour plated.

Larry man of steel Lark
 — unknown

 — unknown

It is a well known fact that neither opal or larry venture out much during daylight
Otherwise larry would have known that tench , fluke and bream do not coexist in the same waters, tench and bream being freshwater fish, fluke and possibly porgy are saltwater fish.

Possibly, some one gave larry a ticket for Wigan Pier. I know he is into the bouncy house genre in a big way
 — unknown

Shut up, Mor... no one asked you ..
 — Gynoid

You're such an idiot Mor, Wades are mixtures of salt and fresh water areas.. you really do like to prove just how ignorant you are by the use of your rather limited knowledge..

you can have tench, fluke and bream in the same area, coastal openings of rivers into the sea for example ...

you really really are a major know-fuck-all, Mor..

 — Gynoid

a fishery friend's a lifeline for some -- hook, line 'n stinker as the perfume is the loci attractor to chemical needs -- well writ
 — AlchemiA

This is just lovely.  Only one tiny critique--you seem to be missing a space between tench, fluke in L7.  Wonderful to read, feels good in the mouth, thanks!
 — sybarite

Gynoid. One of my brother’s runs a twelve man fishing boat out of Amble, Northumberland, do tell him more about your fishing expertise
 — unknown

This is a wonderful poem written by an obvious expert in the art of fishing. Wigan Pier will never be the same again
 — unknown

I know of several inshore fishermen who fish the mouth of estuaries, obviously they have been doing wrong all these years, silly buggers have been bringing the wrong fish ashore, and the local chip shops will not be amused.

How many porgy’s do they catch in Windsor Park.
 — unknown

Mor, please don't add more lies to the pantheon of frauds you already have here.

You are obviously ignorant of fish environment variables, and certainly have no brother that runs a 12 man, or even a 1 man, fishing boat from anywhere.

You have just made yourself look stupid again. Perhaps you could get one of the many members of your family in the police force to arrest a few fishes in Wades for you...

Good for you.

 — Gynoid

Now Gynoid be careful you don’t tip your wheelchair over, those salt marshes can get a bit soggy at times, but they do rear the most wonderful salt marsh lamb, an absolute delicacy that you are probably more than likely not unaccustomed too, you dining on stringy old goat meat.
However, our North End specialty with his little fishing rod sitting at the end of Wigan Pier will be more than  happy with a fish supper silver side up.
 — unknown

I can almost see you jiggling about on your commode when you mention wheelchairs, Mor.. you seem to have a thing for them.. mind you.. the only women you could attract these days would have to be in a wheelchair, if not strapped into their beds in a secure ward.

I know you live alone, and no one comes to visit, but there's no need to make those poor women suffer with your company, on top of their difficult troubled lives.

 — Gynoid

Mor, please don't add more lies to the pantheon of frauds you already have here.

You are obviously ignorant of fish environment variables, and certainly have no brother that runs a 12 man, or even a 1 man, fishing boat from anywhere.

You have just made yourself look stupid again. Perhaps you could get one of the many members of your family in the police force to arrest a few fishes in Wades for you...

Good for you.

Gynoid, has been in the kddies paddling pool again, wading in the Wades
 — unknown

Whilst Gynoid is wading in the wades looking for drowsy fish, she might be better looking under submerged logs and such; fish at rest normally hide or rest on the bottom of the river bed or in the case of her “wades” a stream bed or overhanging bank safe from predators such as heron and silly females.
 — unknown

Mor got it wrong again. What a fucking idiot.
 — unknown

A bit like those fly fishing off the end of the pier
 — unknown

I used to have great success using two rods, one with a pulley pennel rig other with 2 hook paternoster of Torness Power station. I used to catch some nice plaice, mullet and small bass.
Mackerel were always a problem they would bite at any thing even bare hooks.
No doubt Gynoid will be along any minute to tell us how she landed a twenty pounder from Virginia Water whilst in her wheelchair using a Pakistani house fly, as bait.
 — unknown

mor is fucking liar.
 — unknown

Says Virginia Water’s greatest fishing expert- Gynoid
 — unknown

this isn't that bitch but i know youre a fucking liar
 — unknown

You stil trying to fish for a location out of me, Mor?

I've given you such big clues in the past, but you're too stupid to see them.

Are you a Wick or a Chet, Mor?

Which one?


 — Gynoid

How did you get that twenty pounder home in your wheelchair, you with twenty thousand pounds worth of fishing tackle too
 — unknown

Still can't figure it out, eh?

You're an idiot :)

 — Gynoid

you sent it home in taxi, I bet the neighbours were upset you being benefit too
 — unknown

fishing with flowers... I like it very nice imagery
 — vida

Old larry  is not so daft, it's just opal keeps telling him he is.

A liitle known fact that gynoid has never heard off, though she will no doubt scour the internet, for information.
Some fish are partial to flower blossom, they can often be seen taking flower petals, presumably for the nectar they contain.
 — unknown

Dear unknown

An intellekchewul like wot i is knows of the thing you described and has observed it in a small brook near the outside toilet where he rests his weary head at night when opal will not let him in the house dueto excessively foul personal hygiene, in fact this made up poem is based on that observed phenomina.

Yours faithfully

Larry mother natures son Lark
 — larrylark

Larry, opal says you can come out of the bog now, she has done your favourite black pudding and chips.
 — unknown

You like your girls drowsy, eh...

 — turboswami

I'm guessing you like fishing? I have been to Greenland three times and I could not find Santa!
 — Hulda

this poem sets the stereotype of smelly fish on its head. nice trope.

L6 is to die for.

Nice evocactive cycle of life poem.

great to see quality here, Larry. thanks for posting.
 — NicMichaels

thanks for you support NicMichaels, it means a lot

Larry gone fishing for a week Lark
 — larrylark

Enjoyed the peaceful atmosphere.  9-10 are lovely.
 — sybarite

king of words
 — Rossant