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Reid Reacts to Poetry Censors

Seen from Nashville
Utah? Me twoo!
Baad pussy tats!
pipes Twreedy
perched on Ogden's back

29 Sep 06

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delighted for falling rats...rates, I mean!  lol!
 — netskyIam

Don't get it which proves i guess how thick i am.
 — larrylark

 — unknown

I suppose it -is- rather dense.   It relies on the reader, to happen to know that chastising little cartoon canary, Tweety Bird.  And also know of Ogden Nash.  And also connect the dots to Ogden, Utah (a highy conservative Mormon State) and also (optionally) if the reader knows that Ogden Nash's ancestors included a US military general for whom the city of Nashville, Tennesse is named.... well!  If you know most of these odd things (who would?) then the poem makes some sense.   And that Ogden Nash was a most fun-loving social satirist.  And so am I--- a tiny copyist who would perch on his kind shoulder.

thanks Larry--yes, only in America.   The verse was made when my "the crack head verse" was censored off from a critical board.   I was miffed.  

Why be prudish?  As Nash so well said in this complete poem of his, quote:

In purity
Is obscurity.
 — netskyIam

a favorite subject?
 — unknown