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Spirit Of The Dead.

You'd think after that send off,
carried out to the letter,
he would have thought better of it
and stayed under, the sod.
It's all became clear as water beneath a leaf,
the hacksaw and drill,
oxygen mask, bit between the teeth,
a hammer to tilt at the lid.
He has the nerve to sit there
after years of abstaining,
lips clasped round a cheroot,
coffee and a fruit liqueur
with two cute blondes,
one on each decomposing arm.

19 Oct 03

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what's the reason for the dumb blonde cliche, eh??
 — unknown

I've no idea, he's married to one - a blonde I mean - not a dumb one.
 — opal

Dear Unknown

When will you reveal yourself as less than a cliche?
 — larrylark

I do like it. The ending make me laugh. :)
 — jessi

ughhh this is creepy, and poetry wise creepy is good because, that means i can feel this. overall its quite funny *chuckles*. nice JOB!
 — SweetPain

You need to fix the spacing around the comma in line 4.

 — Lia

And maybe drop the full stop in the title?
 — Lia

Dear Lia

drop it where?
 — larrylark

Drop it off at the bus stop.

Bring a handkercheif, you will need it.

Saying goodbye is always so sad, don't you agree?
 — Lia

very nice. ending. such a snappy bit that really closes the poem.
 — listen

I like it :]
 — unknown

Did you hate him that much, you can really express your feelings, i like it.Hulda
 — Hulda

He isn't "fixing" the comma on line 4, because it shows two different meanings - #1. "Under the sod" and #2. "He... the sod". It works, but I think even if the comma were spaced normally it would still carry that dual-meaning.
 — dtgartman

Sorry for the overt speculation about the poet's intentions. I tend to do it a lot.
 — dtgartman