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I don't know.

"I am going to work at a nursing home.
I visited it.
It's for dementia / alzheimer's patients
And I was writing a letter to the woman who works there.
And I was sitting in the lobby.
And there were two old ladies.
One was standing up.
One was laying on a bench.
The one who was standing up started moving in a certain direction.
The one who was laying down said, 'Are you leaving me? Don't leave me alone.'
And the one who was standing said, 'I don't know where I am. I don't know where I'm going.'
And the one who was sitting down said, 'Don't leave me. I get really scared when I'm alone.'
And then some other lady.
She was walking towards the cafeteria.
And she said, 'Is it too light outside for lunch?'
And one lady walked up to me. Slowly.
Put her face close to mine.
And stared at me.
And said, 'Mmmmdnn jdklsioen jdklskwingl'
And I said, kindly, 'What?'
And some caregiver came and took her hand and pulled her gently away from me.
And another lady was sitting in a wheelchair.
In the middle of the lobby.
And she was saying, 'Fuck! Shit! This is bullshit!'
Just cussing.
And that's all.
I left."
"You left cursing?"
"No, she was cussing.
I left after I was done writing the letter.
The lady with dementia was cussing."

8 Oct 06

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Are you still gonna work there?

Were all the lines beginning with the word "And" an idea to create an effect? If not, some can surely be removed.

Not as great as "A Cigarette For Breakfast", but realistic enough. As a matter of fact, I'm sure I've visited the same nursing home.
 — NeighborDi

L's 9&11 should be "lying" down, not "laying" down.  The way you have it pertains to laying something down (like an object or bricks.)
 — unknown

I love this. It came up on random. I wished there were more.
 — smugzy

"I am going to work in a nursing home"....then: "I was writing a letter to the woman who works there." Why? What letter? The sequence of going to work in/visit/ applying to work there is confused. Is the narrator one of the other residents in the nursing home? That would work. The sharp descriptions of the residents are spot on. Ending on a weak non-joke let's the poem down. Better than that, it should just finish at "And that's all." Leave it ambiguous.
 — unknown